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Rivian created an uproar when it released a video showcasing the ‘turn on a dime’ feature on the R1T truck. People were expecting Tesla to also to come up with it on the Cybertruck, but that never happened. So, Rivian beating Tesla to it was big news. It was expected that other automakers would come up with it, too, but no one would’ve anticipated GMC to jump in. But now it turns out that GMC decided to integrate the “Hurricane Turn” into the newly launched 2021 Yukon SUV. Ever thought that an internal combustion engine car would be able to do this?

How Does The Hurricane Turn Work On The GMC Yukon?

Obviously, the feature doesn’t work like Rivian’s Tank Turn. Unlike the EV’s four-motor setup, the Yukon is powered by a single-engine. So, it requires a lot more technique because you can’t control the forward-backward motion of each tire here. This wasn’t revealed in the Yukon’s launch conference, but the folks at MotorTrend uncovered it and tried to extract information on it. But, the engineers didn’t entertain them as GMC must be planning to reveal this feature at a future date.

However, what we do know is that the SUV detects the driver’s urge to do a 180-degree turn when he deactivates the stability control, turns the steering wheel hard either direction, and floors the A-pedal.

The minute this is detected, the SUV will slam the brakes hard on the side you’ve turned the steering wheel and send all the power available to the other two wheels. This will result in a tight donut. The publication speculates that it might have to do something with the truck’s limited-slip rear differential and new four-wheel-drive system’s torque vectoring abilities. Since it doesn’t have independent motors on each wheel, like the Rivian twins, that can turn in opposite directions on their own, the Yukon’s Hurricane Turn probably won’t be as smooth as the EV’s.

Is The Rivian’s Tank Turn Better Than GMC’s?

In December 2019, Rivian posted a video to its YouTube channel where an R1T can be seen doing a tank turn effortlessly. The video description reads - “Tank Turn. Available on the R1T and R1S :)” The Rivian R1T and the R1S with the tank turn feature will make a lot of heads turn. Although it became official now, a leaked video from July last year showed the same features. The company’s PR team took it off instantly, but it sparked a controversy and people we’re stoked. In fact, the CEO, RJ Scaringe, spoke about the zero-turning radius feature before that. As it turns out, Rivian had even filed trademarks for “Tank Steer” and “Tank Turn” long back. This awesome technology will be very useful in a lot of cases, with the most popular one being when parking in or out of a tight space. And, can you imagine the donuts you can do with this thing?

The Rivian R1T Just Put the Tesla Cybertruck to Shame With Tank Turn Capability
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The Rivian R1T and R1S use the same powertrain. A four-motor, all-wheel-drive setup makes it feasible to do a zero-radius turn. Now, this may not be entirely possible on the tarmac and we will need to wait to get more information on that, but you can expect it do the tank turns quite easily on sand, mud, and snow. This is game-changing technology right here. Since it’s a motor-powered EV, it wasn’t really out of the scope. But, GMC coming up with this is quite the revelation!

Final Thoughts

Rivian Has Found An Unlikely Competitor For Its Tank Turn Feature In The GMC Yukon Exterior
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GMC has not revealed any details officially, but we can expect it to come in the near future. A video of the Yukon doing a Hurricane Turn would be interesting as well. The 2021 Yukon is expected later this year, and if GMC brings about this feature right from the beginning, it will beat the Rivian twins to it, which are slated for a 2021 launch. What are your thoughts on the Hurricane Turn function? Share them with us in the comments section below.

Source: Motor Trend

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