I really love this design, it is more art than car! Great! And why is this car so special? Because its designer does not inspire from usual places, but he is inspired by nature: flowers, animals, birds, fish. "If you look at cars you won’t be original."

"I’m giving it big side-windows. People are gonna want to see the driver of this car," says Leepu Awila, "not just their face but what they’re wearing, their trousers or skirt. I got the idea at the aquarium. I thought: if I can see the fish, the fish can definitely see me."

The RMX-1 is based on a Peugeot 207. The car was built in full view of the Bethnal Green Road through the gallery’s windows and now the finished version has moved across to Rich Mix’s cafe - always the busiest part of an arts centre.

Source: TopGear

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