A 1971 Ford F-350 that’s almost "too good" for Roadkill

The boys over at Motor Trend’s Roadkill YouTube video show went back to their roots of buying a vehicle sight-unseen and trying to drive it cross-country. The vehicle this time: a 1971 Ford F-350 with a 460 big-block V-8 and a homemade wrecker body. Sounds like fun, right?

Well the wrecker body wasn’t the only homemade item on the Ford. In fact, the engine and entire driveline had been swapped in by its former owner. See, the Ford F-350 wasn’t offered with 4WD in 1971, so a transfer case and front axle was added. The 460 cubic-inch V-8 was also dropped in for extra pulling power. Add on the front push bumper, wrecker body, and hand-painted business signage, and this sucker is a poster child for 20th century ingenuity.

I won’t spoil the episode’s fun, but David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan plan to buy the Ford, which they name Harry after its previous owner, in Colorado, then drive to Arizona to pick up a previous project truck. Once hooked up, the destination was Southern California.

Will the boys make Cali, or will something go wrong? This is Roadkill, so something is bound to happen, right? Click over to full screen, crank the volume, and enjoy the 27-minute-long show.


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