The RoadRazer is a car fulfilling one purpose only.... Extreme performance. The main criteria’s for realizing stunning performance has been low weight, low center of gravity and effective aerodynamics. Extensive use of carbon fiber (just like a formula 1 car) and lightweight metals has been the key to weight savings without sacrificing safety. With a dry weight of only 300 kg you will be sure to find acceleration, cornering capabilities and braking performance second to none.

The RoadRazer is powered by a dry-sump converted Suzuki Hayabusa engine. The engine delivers app. 175 hp. A six speed sequential gearbox is activated by steering wheel mounted paddles. Use of the clutch is only needed on downshifts. In order to make sure that the power is effectively transmitted to the road a ’torque sensing’ differential is fitted. All wheels are 7" x 17" lightweight OZ superleggera (shoot peened for extra strength and weight saving). Tyres are Yokohama ADVAN 215/50-17.

RoadRazer - the ultimate driving machine
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The central part of the RoadRazer is the monocoque. The monocoque is made from a sandwich of carbon/aluminium honeycomb/carbon. Galvanic isolation between carbon and aluminium is fitted to prevent corrosion. The monocoque delivers extreme torsional stiffness as well as a safety cell for driver and passenger. Replaceable nose cone, side pods as well as the engine cover will absorb energy during a crash. Roll over protection is fitted under the engine cover.

The overall shape of the RoadRazer emphasizes on reliable negative lift, mainly generated by the shape of the sidepods. The raised nose is not only implemented for aerodynamic reasons, the primary reason was to achieve ground clearance for better handling in real life situations like parking etc.

In the RoadRazer you can share the driving experience with a passenger. The passenger is situated just behind the driver, with the legs on each side of the driver. The passenger seat is not as comfortable as the drivers seat. Who would want a passenger to stay for a long ride anyway....

Brakes are generously dimensioned. In front 320 mm disks are combined with six-piston calipers. At the rear end 282 mm disks are fitted with two-piston calipers.

RoadRazer - the ultimate driving machine
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In order to obtain the preferred driving position, the steering wheel can be adjusted in height. For depth adjustment spacers are needed. The Steering wheel can be detached for easier access as well as added anti-theft protection.

When sitting in the drivers seat of the RoadRazer you will get an authentic formula car experience. You are seated just 3" above the ground tightly secured by a six-point 3" safety harness. The seat is a fixed part of the chassis. The small steering wheel will provide you with a real intense ’road-feeling’. All controls (used when driving and except pedals of course) are mounted on the steering wheel. A LED/LCD instrument cluster will provided information like revs, speed, acceleration, shift light etc..

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  (6023) posted on 09.30.2006

Economical combustion engine with injection of water. - During the Second World War when the prices for oil extremely have risen, were sometimes applied economical engines with injection of water. Then injection of water was regulated manually, and forgetfulness of drivers led to breakage of motors. Therefore, when oil has fallen in price, from motors with injection of water have hastened to refuse. But now it is possible to entrust steering by injection of water by microelectronics. Any combustion engine in vain throws out 70 - 80 % of thermal energy and even collapses, if will lose an opportunity, through system of cooling, to give water his heat. Receiving it warmly the water, converted up to the steam in process of the boiling or volatilization, at usual atmospheric pressure increases itself in the volume in 1700 times. Moreover, any gas, including the steam, at increase in temperature on one degree of Celsius, increases on 1/270 of volume. At temperature 300*C in atmospheric pressure, each cubic centimeter of water give about 4 liters of superheated steam. The pressure of steam can to help working gases to push pistons or turbines and to give an essential increment of a power, the maximal twisting moment and efficiency of thermal engines. There are 3 variants of injection of water on combustion engines:
1. From contact of water with hot exhaust gases arise the steam, which rotates turbine helping basic engine. About the development of a similar power-plant for the cars in November 2005 has declared its the company BMW:, m/2005/12/09/bmw-turbo steamer-gets-hot-and-g oes.
2. So as into cylinder of engine with smaller expenses of energy was entered more of compressed air, on many sports cars, with turbo forced aspiration, this air is cooled by dispersion of cool water.
3. The spraying of water directly in cylinder of fuel injection. The spraying of water directly into cylinder of injected engine. From contact with the burning fuel, hot piston and cylinder, the water up boils and the steam helps working gases to set pistons in motion. Here the injection of water replaces a turbo forced aspiration, not disturbing a stoichiometric (optimal) quantities of fuel and air, in which excess oxygen leads to undesirable burnout of cylinder, piston, piston rings, valves and to oxidation of electric contact of spark. More effective direct cooling of hot and intensively rubbing surfaces of cylinder by water prolongs a life of the motor. Besides an increase of power and fuel economy on 30 - 40 %, the injection of water also improves cooling itself of the motor, as here cylinders are cooled by water not from outside, but from within. It is important to heat up injected water by hot exhaust gases, so as the temperature of water to moment of injection was as much as possible approached to its boiling point, which inevitably raises in the compressed gas environment (the pressure in cylinders reaches 100 atmospheres). At temperature above 431 C* all volume of water accepts a gaseous essence irrespective of the further pressure rise.
Pressure, p (Atm.)01234567891011…x<
Boiling temperature of water, t m/2005/12/09/bmw-turbo steamer-gets-hot-and-g oes. (grade/C*)-10011913214 1150157163168173178182 …431
Preliminary heating up of water is necessary for intensification of process of steam exhalation. More water boiling in cylinder of acting combustion engine - more fuel saving. At superfluous heating the cylinder the microprocessor can increase feed into his water, but lessen feed into his fuel so, that from this replacement, at existing loading, the speed of rotation of flywheel has remained at a level, established by the driver. Engine with injection of water can already do without bulky radiator worsening aerodynamic resistance of rushed car, without water jacket of cylinders and ventilator. On free place under a cowl can establish thermos, in that warm water will not freeze in the winter. Before a stop of the engine the electronics disconnects injection of water, return into thermos hot unused water, and pour out remains of water on road. At approach of temperature of water in a thermos to freezing point, the electronics can engage for short time the motor for so as to heat up water, or his pour out. In the latter case, before inclusion of the motor, to the driver will have anew to fill thermos by warm distilled water. In the beginning of work of the cold engine the electronics will open the gate from a thermos and will connect injection of water only when exhaust gases will enough warm up pump and water tubes. Exhaust branch with hot exhaust gases should engulf a water pump, and to penetrate itself by these tubes. To not allow formation of the ice, it is possible to dilute injected water by alcohol, acetone, ethers and others a solvents, a level of content and of a detonation of which should be counted by electronics.
For injection of water it is possible to adapt the fuel pump of a high pressure and an atomizer of German firms Bosch, applied on engines with direct injection. From the general collector under pressure to 150 atmospheres of water through little bores (diameter about 0,1 mm) the very small droplets spray and have time to boil completely in the cylinder during one explosion stroke of engine (1/250 of second). However acceptably, so as any part of water get by steam already after output of water from a cylinder with hot gases in outlet tube. Then it will be possible to lower temperature and noise of exhaust gases, and the steam will help to rotate the turbine in this tube. The steam from injected water can create a necessary temperature, pressure, speed and even of a form of distribution of a flame in the cylinder, what will allow to prevent detonation and hot-bulb ignition, and without harm for engine, to create in cylinder even greater pressure, to use cheaper low-octane gasoline, and also a nitromethane and a nitrous oxide.
Excuse bad translation from Russian.
Bezukladnikov Vasiliy
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