London armed robbers arrived outside Graff Jewelers on Sloan Street in a chauffeur driven Bentley Flying Spur, all part of an elaborate ruse, which included dapper clothing, to give them the appearance of wealth and fit in with the store’s clientele.

It worked.

After spending a bit of time inspecting the merchandise, the robbers displayed handguns and hauled off £10,000,000 worth of jewelry – about $20,000,000.

According to police in London, the robbers “knew that to gain access to the store and appear like normal customers they would have to look like high-class people, because that is what most shoppers are in that area. The first part of their plan was to arrive in the Bentley. If you are going to look like a high-class customer, then you arrive in a car like a Bentley.”

To this point, police have not located the Bentley.

But certainly this is the most pointed endorsement of a particular vehicle by a criminal since Clyde Barrow wrote Henry Ford to congratulate him on the V-8 which Bonnie and Clyde had used so effectively to make their escapes.

Source: lse

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