The dramatic world of motorsport has created some truly epic films in the past, including Le Mans, Senna, and Rush, to name just a few. Now, it appears as though there’s another one in the making. According to a report from the Italian publication Il Messaggero, Academy Award- winner Robert De Niro is gearing up to play the role of Enzo Ferrari in a new biopic about the race-driving entrepreneur, titled simply Ferrari.

“For me it is an honor and a joy to tell the life of an extraordinary man who revolutionized the automotive world and across historical periods,” De Niro said. “The film will go into production soon, mostly in Italy, and has absolute priority over all my other projects.”

De Niro, 71, is best known for his roles in Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, and Goodfellas

According to Il Messaggero, the new high-budget film will encompass a variety of major events in Enzo Ferrari’s life, spanning between 1945 to the 80s, including the death of his son Dino in 1956 and the prancing horse’s 15 Formula 1 world championship titles. The script was inspired by Enzo Ferrari’s autobiography, entitled Ferrari 80, which “Il Commendatore” self-published in 1980. Clint Eastwood is reportedly under consideration for directing duties. A release date is expected sometime next year.

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Why it matters

Usually, racing movies can go one of two ways – incredible, heart-rending awesomeness, or soul-crushing, God-awful trash. With names like De Niro and Eastwood attached to this one, there’s a very good chance the end result is going to be a postitive one.

Of course, it also bears mentioning that Enzo Ferrari’s life is ripe for a dramatic retelling. A brief recap sees his career in speed starting as a racer, joining Alfa Romeo as both a driver and a team organizer. In 1947, Ferrari decided to make his own cars, taking part in the newly created Formula 1 World Championship in 1950. In 1957, Ferrari was charged with manslaughter when a tire on a 335S ruptured during competition, causing a crash and the death of the driver, his co-driver, and nine spectators (the charges were eventually dropped in 1961). Many of Ferrari’s racing successes are tied to names like Fangio and Hill, while controversy, innovation, jubilation and misery are all wrapped up in the creation of some of the most important sports and racing cars in the world.

Source: IL Messaggero

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