Autonomous racing at its best!

This year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed saw many sports cars hit the Hillclimb circuit, but the iconic race track was also lapped by a couple of autonomous cars. WhileSiemens’ first-gen Ford Mustang had issues driving in a straight line, the Roborace DevBot had a more consistent run up the hill.

Designed for an autonomous racing series, Roborace completed its first autonomous Hillclimb without the assistance of a safety driver, - something that can’t be said about Siemens-designed Mustang. The race car was also quicker and had a solid run, following what appeared to be a well-designed invisible racing line. This is a big achievement for the DevBot, which will soon be used in a racing series.

Announced a couple of years ago, Roborace is the world’s first competition that will use self-driving and manually-controlled cars. It’s not yet known when the series will begin, but Roborace is currently testing cars during Formula E events.

The DevBot itself was designed by Daniel Simon, known for his work as a concept car designer for Hollywood film "Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. Simon also designed a number of cars for Seat and Lamborghini, as well as a few race car liveries. Sporting a futuristic design, the DevBot is an all-electric race car. The autonomous car will be used by at least ten teams in the series’ first season.

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