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Rocket Bunny’s New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry

If you think the Toyota GR86 looks docile, wait until you see the latest Rocket Bunny wide-body kit

If you follow the tuner scene, you are, most likely, familiar with the Rocket Bunny body kits. Originating from Japan, the Rocket Bunny body kits are as striking and as aggressive as possible for a road-going car. Kei Miura’s wide-body designs can make even the most docile-looking car look like a road-going predator. As soon as we learned of the new Toyota GR 86, we knew it was a matter of time before a dedicated Rocket Bunny kit was in the making. Now, we finally have images of the Rocket Bunny 86, and we like what we see.

Rocket Bunny's New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry
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Although the Toyota GR86 hasn’t hit the showrooms yet (that happens in November), we already have what looks like a finished design for the Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny wide-body kit. The new, multi-spoke wheels with a black centerpiece and a contrasting bright rim fill the wheel arches perfectly and give the car a much more aggressive stance.

The front fascia features a much larger opening that looks like it’s ready to devour any K-cars on its way. There is a massive carbon-fiber front splitter, accompanied by canards that nicely transition into the flared fenders.

From there, we see additional carbon-fiber aero elements that are intentionally separated from the bodywork instead of being flush with it. The fender arch we see on the front is one of those few elements you either love or hate.

Rocket Bunny's New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry
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The rear fenders are even more flared than the front ones and finish with massive air outlets, which most likely dispose of the incoming air channeled by the air vents in front of the rear wheels. Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper Rocket Bunny body kit without a big wing. However, this one is surprisingly subdued (for a Rocket Bunny), as it almost seems like it continues the lines of the taillights.

Rocket Bunny's New Body Kit Makes The Toyota 86 Look Very Angry
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According to Pandem’s Facebook page, the GR86 body kit is already on sale, which means orders are now accepted for anyone who is looking to enhance the visuals (hopefully after enhancing the performance) of their Toyota GR86. The Pandem body kits are not meant to be easy on the eyes, but that’s the kind of over-the-top approach that the Rocket Bunny wide-body kits are loved for.

Source: Pandem Rocket Bunny

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