In the annals of recent car video game history, games franchises like Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, and Forza Motorsport have etched their own cult followings for the remarkable realism and creativity of hardcore racing.

And on the other side of that is Grand Theft Auto.

Unlike the previous three titles, GTA is different in the sense that it’s not so much about full-throttle racing as it is about going through dirty missions and using whatever form of transportation as your accessory of destruction.

The franchise has given birth to four installments and die-hard fans of GTA - like ourselves - will be delighted to know that Rockstar Games, the brains behind it - is already working on Gran Theft Auto 5.

A release date for the game is still unknown at this point and for their part, Rockstar is milking every ounce of anticipation by publishing a countdown banner on their website that will eventually lead to the very first trailer of GTA5.

Ever since Grand Theft Auto was launched 14 years go, the title has sold more than 114 million copies, making it one of the most successful video game franchises in history. So what lies ahead for GTA5?

We’ll have to wait until November 2, 2011 to find out.


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