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The Lamborghini Miura was the car to have if you were a famous person in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Frank Sinatra had an orange one with a custom wild boar-skin interior. Fellow Rat Pack member Dean Martin had a green one. Jazz Legend Miles Davis nearly died in his lime green Miura when he wrecked it in New York City. And now this lovely Miura SV originally owned by Rod Stewart can be yours for around $1.9 million.

Rod the Mod originally purchased the car in 1971 as a Miura P400S, but the current owner converted it to its current P400SV specification. That means the 4.0-liter Bizzarrini-designed V-12 now puts down 385 horsepower, while a limited-slip differential and wider rear tires help keep everything pointed in the right direction. Outside, the flip-up headlamps have lost their eyelashes, and dramatically flared rear fenders accommodate the additional rubber.

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Why it matters

Like other Italian cars of this vintage, Miura values have been going crazy lately, and this example’s asking price continues the trend. An original P400SV sold for over $2 million at the 2014 RM Auctions event in Monterey, while an ultra-rare Miura SVJ sold for $1.9 million at another RM event in January of 2015. I’m skeptical that this one will command its asking price, but its former place among rock and roll royalty certainly doesn’t hurt.

The SV conversion was done concurrently with a concours-worthy restoration by Lamborghini specialist Colin Clarke engineering. Suspension, steering, brakes and hubs have all been rebuilt, and the body refinished in its factory shade of blue called Blu Notte. The black leather upholstery and carpets have also been refurbished. Thorough records are included, along with an original photograph of Stewart’s model girlfriend Dee Harrington with this car and another Miura. As Rod once sang, “every picture tells a story.”

Lamborghini Miura

1971 - 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV High Resolution Exterior
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