• Roger Rodas’ Wife Sues Porsche for Faulty Carrera GT

We all knew that this would happen eventually. The only question was when it was going to go down. Six months after Paul Walker and Roger Rodas lost their lives in a car crash involving the latter’s Porsche Carrera GT, Rodas’ wife, Kristine Rodas, has filed a lawsuit against Porsche claiming that the design of the rare supercar contributed to the high-speed accident that caused the car to go up in flames.

In her lawsuit, Rodas argued that the Carrera GT was, for all intents and purposes, unsafe for its intended use "by reason of defects in its manufacture, design, testing, component and constituents." Rodas also contends that her husband was driving the car at only 55 mph at the time of the accident, contrary to the Los Angeles County Sheriff department’s investigation, which found the accident to have been caused by speed with investigators estimating that Roger Rodas was driving at speeds between 80 to 93 mph before the crash.

Shortly after the crash, Porsche even sent its engineers to investigate the Carrera GT’s remains only to find that the car itself had no problems.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Kristine Rodas’ lawsuit against Porsche has a leg to stand on. We are by no means trivializing the situation and we’re not going to disrespect her for taking this step. We just don’t see her winning this suit based on the results of the police’s investigation.

Maybe Porsche will just avoid the whole thing with an out-of-court settlement. We don’t know if she’s going to accept those terms, but at this point, you might have to take what you can get.

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Why It Matters

This is the kind of news that really has no happy ending. On one hand, we understand why Kristine Rodas is doing this. If this is her way to find some closure over the unexpected loss of her husband, then we’re not going to take it against her.

But based on the results of numerous investigations, it’s hard to blame Porsche for building a faulty vehicle because the Carrera GT that crashed appeared to have been in good shape before the accident.

Paul Walker Dies in Porsche Carrera GT Crash

"Fast and Furious" Star, Paul Walker, Dies in a Car Crash
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Last November, the world received the shocking news that Paul Walker, one of the stars of the Fast and Furious series, died in a fiery Porsche Carrera GT car crash that also took the life of his friend Roger Rodas. Shortly after the crash, investigations determined that speeding played a big part in the accident.

According to the report and witness statements, Walker was a passenger in a red Porsche Carrera GT that was being driven by Rodas. Without any warning, Rodas ended up losing control of the car when it hit a pole and immediately burst into flames.

By the time EMTs and other emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the Porsche was already charred with Walker and Rodas trapped inside. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Source: Sky News

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