• Rogert Daltrey’s One-Off Rolls-Royce Wraith "Inspired By Music" Hits The Auction Block

Custom Rollers fetches $270,000 with all the proceeds going to charity

Roger Daltrey may not be on the level of John Lennon or Mick Jagger in the annals of British rock star legends, but The Who frontman is still a legend in his own right. His status as a rock icon is one of the reasons why he was part of the Rolls-Royce Wraith’s “Inspired by Music” tribute. Nine total one-off versions were created, two of which were dedicated to Daltrey and The Who. One of those models, the “Tommy” Edition, recently hit the auction block, pulling in £208,000, or about $270,000 based on current exchange rates.

Like most celebrity cars, proceeds from the sale of the Wraith Inspired by Music Tommy Edition didn’t go to Daltrey’s pockets. Instead, it’s going to the Teenage Cancer Trust, a U.K.-based nonprofit organization that provides specialist support to young people diagnosed with cancer in the U.K. Daltrey is an “honorary patron” of the charity so it’s no surprise that he’d pick the Teenage Cancer Trust as the beneficiary of the auction. In his own words, he said: "Seven young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the U.K. This car has become an incredible collectors’ item, and it’s gratifying to know that the proceeds of the sale will support such a worthy cause." In the end, the car itself may have sold for less than the £235,416 ($304,700) price of a brand-new Wraith, but don’t get it twisted. $270,000 is still a significant sum for anybody, let alone an organization like the Teenage Cancer Trust that needs all the help it can get to function the way it wants to.

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Is the car worth the auction price it fetched?

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You better believe it is, and then some. Like I said, Roger Daltrey’s Wraith sold for less than the price of a stock Rolls-Royce Wraith so that alone makes the winning bid a huge bargain for the winner. Remember, this isn’t a standard Wraith. It’s not even a limited edition. It’s a one-off, so there’s nothing like it in the world.

Bolstering its one-off credentials is the fact that it features plenty of styling cues that draw inspiration from Daltrey and The Who, specifically one of the band’s most popular albums of all-time, Tommy. Take the luxury coupe’s hood for example. That’s not just a random design; that’s a hand-painted interpretation of the album’s cover art, considered as of the most iconic and identifiable ones in the history of rock music. Rolls-Royce’s design team even sought the help of Mike McInnerney, the man responsible for the design of the album’s sleeve, to come in and adapt the image to the hood of the Wraith.

The car’s body color – Lyrical Copper – is also a tribute to the album.

In the addition to the hood graphic, the car’s body color – Lyrical Copper – is also a tribute to the album. Certain sections of the Wraith also received album-specific styling cues. The space below the side mirrors and the C-pillars, for example, feature graphics of flying birds. Inside, specific icons are embroidered on the headrests and there’s even a pinball machine embroidered onto the waterfall panel, a clear tribute to “Pinball Wizzard,” one of the most famous songs to come out of the Tommy album.

Move past the uniqueness of the one-off Wraith and the price tag it fetched and you’re left with the most important aspect of this news item: all the proceeds will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust. Nothing is as important as providing help to an organization that dedicates its time and resources to help cancer-stricken children, be it in the U.K. or anywhere else in the world. In that light, it does feel like the one-off Wraith should have fetched higher bids than it did. Then again, $270,000 is still $270,000. That kind of amount doesn’t fall from trees. Here’s to hoping then that the Teenage Cancer Trust puts it to good use like I, and everybody else, expect it to.


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