Rolls Royce 200EX coming to Frankfurt

2009 Rolls-Royce 200EX
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The next big show on the international circuit will be Frankfurt, so it’s no surprise that the Rolls-Royce’s will show off a production-ready version of the200EX concept. Even before the Geneva show, Rolls-Royce had been hinting that the 200EX was close to road-ready, so we expected the production car to show up soon after the concept’s premiere. The biggest difference we expect in the Geneva and the Frankfurt car will be the Roller’s actual name.

All recent concept cars from Rolls-Royce have been given a number designation followed by "EX" for experimental. So the 200EX name will go away, and it may possibly be replaced with the historic Silver Ghost name.

Also in Frankfurt should be final clarification of how much the baby Roller will share with BMW’s 7-Series. Rolls-ROyce CEO Tom Purves said last month that the new Rolls would have 80 percent exclusive parts, including its own V12 engine. The parts shared with cars from Rolls-Royce’s parent company would only be only elements that the customer rarely sees. Considering how often most Rolls-Royce owners get under their cars, a shared chassis with the 7-Series cannot be ruled out.


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