We’re hoping that we’ve seen the worst out of this global economic crisis. After all, the entire auto industry seems to have suffered enough, don’t you think?

But you can’t say that the economic woes have put a leash on people’s interest in theRolls Royce Ghost.

According to Tom Purves, Rolls Royce’s CEO, the 2010 Ghost has generated over 1,200 interested customers – a surprising number even for the standards of Rolls Royce’s ‘mini-Phantom’ sedan.

It’s easy to see why Rolls Royce is ecstatic over the interest the Ghost is generating considering the recession is far from finished. But then again, in a time like this, good news becomes great news and great news becomes ecstatic celebrations.

While Purves acknowledges that the general level of interest for the Ghost is more than what they expected, the company nevertheless remains cautiously optimistic, that they can build on car’s strong reception.

"We’re not convinced we’re out of this recession yet," he says. "We know what we’re going to build in the next three months, then we’ll take it quarter by quarter from there."

In any event, Rolls Royce is expected to make around 2000 Ghost models per year and if the interest for the car is any indication, we’re thinking that we’ll be seeing a lot of Ghosts our on the road soon.


Source: Motor Trend

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Uncia  (868) posted on 09.16.2009

I wouldn’t want to pay the maitenance on this thing, and what’s with the lamb’s wool carpet? You can’t even drive with your shoes on because you’ll ruin your interior.

Buy a Bentley or LS 460L.

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