Automakers with long histories have a tendency to do things a certain way, as is the case with English coach builder Rolls-Royce. For instance, after the company revealed the Silver Shadow, a vehicle that inspired the new Ghost, the company also brought the Carmargue and Corniche. In the same way, after the newRolls Royce Ghost will be revealed, the coach builders will be preparing a coupe and a soft top version.

According to the Roll-Royce exterior stylist, Andreas Thurner: "The Ghost was designed in a way to make other body styles. We have to build up a family for the Ghost just as we did for the Phantom."

For those of you that wanted a model placed somewhere beneath the Ghost in Rolls-Royce’s future lineup, he said this will not be possible: "The Ghost is about as small as you could go for an authentic Rolls-Royce. Any smaller and it would lack the presence, comfort, space and stance that we want."

Last week the company announced the 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost will get new intelligent four-corner air suspension system. That will be the perfect touch to ensure that the Ghost floats past the competition.


Source: AutoCar

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