Chinese man pays $2.2M for Rolls Royce.

A Chinese property developer has paid $2.2 million for a custom built Roll Royce.

Rolls Royce sells for $2.2 million!

It is fore gone conclusion that buying a Rolls Royce is going to cost you a fair amount of money, but what if you buy the top of the range Rolls Royce, that is of course if there is such a thing as a top of the range Rolls Royce!

So what if you buy a Rolls Royce in China? Would be cheaper because the standard of living is lower than anywhere else? Maybe not, because there is such person who order a custom built Rolls Royce Phantom with state-of-the art gadgets including an LCD entertainment system. The seating plan is to the customers requirements, it has two rows of rear seats, facing each other with every extra that could be possibly be fitted into the space.

The man who order this personally designed machine is Chinese property developer and he has paid a cool $2.2 million for it possibly the most expensive car made, certainly the most expensive Rolls Royce have ever had come rolling out of their new factory in Goodwood, South England.

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