Rolls-Royce To Sponsor Bloodhound SSC Project

Bloodhound SSC car attempt to break the 1000 mph barrier
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The Bloodhound SSC Project has been around for the past couple of years. It goes without saying that the team behind this project has been determined to break the 1,000 mph barrier.

But for the better part of those years, the project has yet to take off. All that, though, appears to be changing now that Rolls Royce has entered the picture.

The British luxury automaker has signed up to support the Bloodhound Project in the latter’s attempt to break the barrier. As part of its involvement, Rolls-Royce will be supplying a modified of its EJ200 engine for the project, which will then be complemented by a Cosworth F1 engine driving the rocket-oxidizer pump. Together, the powertrain can produce up to 135,000 equivalent horsepower, which as you can see, is ridiculously mental.

Ultimately, the Bloodhoud Project aims to achieve its lofty goal and break the existing 763 mph record set by the Thrust SSC in 1997. And break it convincingly, might we add. The team hopes to begin runway testing sometime in 2014 before it heads off to Kaksken Pan, South Africa to set out on its record-breaking attempt.

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Bloodhound SSC Project

Bloodhound SSC starts 1000 mph barrier testings Exterior
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The Bloodhound SSC is the brainchild of current land-speed record holders, Richard Noble and Andy Green. These two apparently have an insatiable appetite for breaking speed records, hence the determination to see the Bloodhound project through.

Late last year, testing for the rocket car officially commenced at the Newquay Cornwall Airport before it officially goes for the record sometime next year.

We gotta say, when you’re dealing with a project that’s as ambitious as this one, there’s no telling what you can really expect, including a car that’s capable of hitting 1,000 mph.

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