A few days ago, word spread around that the new McLaren MP4-12C supercar was facing some safety issues. Today, Ron Dennis, executive chairman of McLaren Automotive and McLaren Group, broke his silence and talked about the supercar’s problems.

In a letter addressed to one of the McLaren customers, Dennis explained that the supercar is having software problems that can lead to unnecessarily sensitive warning lights, battery drainage in certain conditions and IRIS performance issues. Dennis then went on and assured the customer that the company was already working on a solution for the problem and that at some point, all the customers will be asked to bring their MP4-12C to the nearest dealer to have the software upgraded.

In the meantime, Dennis has sent a copy of "McLaren: The Wins’ book to every customers, which will have to do for all MP4-12C owners, at least until they get their respective supercars fixed.

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"It is with both pleasure and frustration that I am writing to you at this early stage in your ownership of the McLaren MP4-12C. Pleasure because you are now part of our McLaren family and have bought into what I believe to be both the best car in its class, and the most exciting automotive adventure in decades; but frustration on a personal level because we have not yet been able to deliver on the high standards that we have promised and that should come as given with the McLaren brand. We have built up our McLaren businesses over the past decades based on our determination to be the best, and that is no different for the MP4-12C and all of our future cars.

When we began working on the MP4-12C, we were determined to deliver not only the best car in its class, but also the best ownership experience. We believe that the performance and driving experience of the MP4-12C is world class. However, along the road to achieving our goals, we will experience challenges. As you will have already heard from my staff, we are experiencing some early software bugs resulting in unnecessarily sensitive warning lights, battery drainage in certain conditions and IRIS performance issues. My team and the McLaren retailers are working with the pace and intensity that the McLaren brand demands to fully resolve these bugs rapidly and effectively to ensure that any inconvenience to you is kept to a minimum. It will however require your 12C to come back to your dealer at some point so that we can upgrade the software on your car. I hope that the way we deal with these issues sets us apart and is to the standard you would expect from McLaren.

We know you share our passion for racing, therefore as a token of my appreciation for your support during this time, your retailer will be giving you a pre-release copy of the new ’McLaren: The Wins’ coffee table book. I hope that you enjoy the stories behind what makes McLaren winners and that this, in some small way, reminds you how much we appreciate your faith in us. We want to win on the road as well as the track, and we will work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

I would like to extend my personal thanks for your support and patience at this time. Should you have any questions, please contact your retailer in the first instance. Alternatively, please call my staff at McLaren Assistance on 0800 975 8285."

Source: TeamSpeed

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