Nico Rosberg has reupped with the Williams Formula One team, a deal that commits him through the end of 2009. There had been rumors that he might move to McLaren, but "Williams have made me an attractive, far better offer with a new contract up to 2009 and I decided to accept it.
"For Williams, the question of letting me go (to McLaren) never arose," according to Rosberg.
Reports had his performance during the past season catching the eye of the powers that be at McLaren, and the attraction of the McLaren team – under normal circumstances – might be hard to resist. But this year is not normal, with McLaren under increased FIA scruitiny as the result of its dishonest conduct during the past season. Indeed, reports have the FIA determining that the new McLaren is not devoid of traces of Ferrari influence, and it appears that McLaren will be having significant scruitineering trouble during the coming season.
Rosberg’s decision to stay with Williams, however, doesn’t mean he’ll stay there beyond the current commitment. Indeed, should the correct circumstances present themselves, he might be off to McLaren. "I could imagine myself [at McLaren] just like I could see myself at Ferrari in 2008. Every young driver wants a car that can bring you the title."

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