Time and again, we’ve seen our favorite supercars get bastardized by their owners who think that gold is the perfect color to put on their exotics. We’re not going to argue with these people if what they’re after is more attention than what the car already gets. If that’s the case, bling ‘em up!

Rarely do we see a gold-colored car that gets our approval. Sure, it catches our attention, but after looking at it long enough, we might as well have our eyes checked to make sure that we haven’t gone blind. There’s a way of making a gold car stand out without going overboard, and Royal Muffler seems to have gotten the message.

The California-based tuning shop took a red Porsche Panamera Turbo, took out the red paint, and dressed it up in a matte gold finish. Boom. Done. Instant classic.

It helps that they used matte gold on it instead of the shiny variety that leads to eye sores. In the end, the Panamera Turbo looks classier, sexier, and a whole lot more fun to drive.

To complete the whole set-up, Royal Muffler accentuated the matte gold bodywork by painting the brakes red, matching it with powder-coated wheels, installing smoked head lights, using H&R lowering springs, and putting in a fully-custom exhaust with a powder-coated quad tip.

Royal Muffler also made some performance upgrades on the Panamera Turbo, although information on that end has yet to be divulged.


Source: Photo credit GenuinePhotography

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  (858) posted on 12.6.2010

I actually think it’s not that bad. Some interesting design cues.

  (341) posted on 11.22.2010

The Cayenne (at least the Turbo S, no idea about the other models) already has a Cayenne-shaped key.

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