RUF Dakara

RUF Dakara
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Porsche supertuners RUF unwrapped their own take on the Cayenne in Geneva. The most striking feature of the Dakara is the incorporation of 911 headlights. The round lamps look out of place on the large SUV, but they are so distinctly Porsche that they only add to the design. Power has been boosted to 600 HP and has a top speed of 180 MPH (290 km/h). The Dakara also receives a full body kit and 5 spoke RUF alloys.

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World innovation at Geneva Motor Show: the RUF Dakara

RUF Dakara
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The High Luxury SUV built by RUF is named Dakara and is based on the Porsche Cayenne. The exterior and interior is able to embrace the most ambitious wishes. Because of the 911-headlights, the Dakara affects like a sports car. Four 22 inch- five spoke wheels and the broadened fenders demonstrate pure power. The bodykit fits to every Cayenne. Cameras in the front and in the back of the Dakara cater for the panorama view. The interior room is affected by complex processed leather trim which does not only fascinate with the precious materials but also with the new designed seats. A High-End Multimedia system with TV-reception, access to the internet and a CD-/DVD-Changer will gratify even the highest requirements. The V8-Turbomotor offers an engine output of 600 horsepower (600 Ps) at 6000 rpm. The maximum torque of 659 lb-ft/lbs (890 Nm) is delivered at 3000 rpm. So the Dakara is able to reach the speed of 62 mph (100 Km/h) in 4,8 sec. The chassis as well as the brake system are adjusted to the high requirements. Even ceramic-composite brakes are available.The Dakara perfectly ties in with the RUF model-range.

Platune Press Release

RUF is one of the most important Porsche refiners in the world. The name RUF is known from USA to Japan to make a Porsche a better Porsche. For everyone who wants more Porsche. That was the task for Platune Technology with the development of DAKARA, a high performance and high luxury automobile on the basis of the Porsche Cayenne that did not previously exist. The DAKARA should leave out unnecessary details and still be different. Platune Technology developed a unique automobile for Ruf Automobile. And more Porsche.


RUF Dakara
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On the exterior, the complete front end was newly designed and the much criticized headlights were replaced with the round head lights from the original Porsche 997. Through this, DAKARA became a real Porsche. Furthermore, Dakara created the future Cayenne with this design, because even Porsche reacted to this and starting 2011, the Cayenne will be made with round headlights. However, of course Platune Technology was faster. Those who drive DAKARA drive in the future. You cannot get more exclusive than this.

Furthermore, DAkARA also received the obligatory aerodynamic package, a 100mm widened lead for maximum curve speeds and uniquely developed LED daytime running lights.


RUF Dakara
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Platune Technology also made interiors that no one else dared to do. Completely new design of the armature board, developed sport seats in the 911 look and a comprehensive LED interior lighting system including a starry sky and trunk lighting that allows for all types of mood lighting possible. Finally, a customized audio and multimedia system was installed that allows for the intelligent control of the complete automobile electronics via a built in notebook or the iPHONE that is delivered with it.


The motor tuning was also taken over by Platune Technology. Here the goal was to combine maximum performance with the largest possible reliability so that the pilot can always depend on their DAKARA; even with extreme conditions (for example, 48°C in Dubai).

Platune Technology took over the complete development of the vehicle for Ruf, from the idea to conception, development and the series industrialization. RUF produces in Pfaffenhausen.

RUF Dakara
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lord_alborz  (3) posted on 03.7.2009

they are too small for the car. i dont mind ’911 shaped’ headlights on my cayyene (if i have one) but ’that’, is way too small for a cayyene.

TJKEON  (138) posted on 03.6.2009

The headlights look like they should have been that way from the factory all along.

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