The guys from Pistonheads got the chance to drive the Ruf Rt12, and the car made quite an impresion.

The sense of anticipation is heightened when the car rolls out of Ruf’s workshop, emitting a hollow, metallic and ever so slightly uneven bark from two discreet, but still man-sized tailpipes, and the author lowers himself into the snug racing bucket seats. Deep A-pillars, neatly trimmed in black Alcantara, indicate the presence of a rather substantial roll cage. So far, everything has indicated a highly-strung and uncompromising beast, something that may be fantastic on the Nordschleife in the hands of a gifted driver, but hard work on the daily commute.

Although the Ruf Rt12 is equipped with a manually operated six-speed gearbox rather than Tiptronic, the driver doesn’t touch the clutch pedal when he moves the gear lever to first. His right foot isn’t doing anything either.

With 650 hp and 642lb-ft of torque on tap, the road ahead is gobbled up in short, clean, savage lunges which can see you hitting the far side of 150mph on the shortest of stretches, helped by the fact that you can drop the hammer when exiting A-road sweepers seemingly pretty much from the moment you hit the apes.

Source: Pistonheads

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