• Rumor: Fernando Alonso moving to Ferrari in 2010?

The Grand Prix of Europe has just wrapped up, and unfortunately for the sole Spaniard in the race for the 2010 Formula One Championship he was unable to allow his fans in Valencia to hear La Marcha Real, or the Royal March, Spain’s national anthem especially considering that he wasn’t even able to finish the race last year. It was the Brazilian Rubens Barichello who stood atop the podium when the bubbly was handed out with last year’s champion Lewis Hamilton coming in second and the focused Fin Kimi Räikkönen piloting hist F60 Formula One car to a much needed podium finish.

Rumor: Fernando Alonso moving to Ferrari in 2010?
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Although it hasn’t been confirmed – and we suspect it won’t be until a few more months – word on the Formula One paddock has it that Fernando Alonso may be switching teams again next year, this time to those red jumpsuit-wearing boys from Ferrari. According to an interview done with BBC Sport, Martin Whitmarsh, McLaren’s team boss, the two-time world champion is expected to move to Ferrari by season’s end. We’ve heard this rumor before but it really never gained enough steam because Ferrari’s incumbent drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa are both still under contract with Scuderia until next year.

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Naturally, Ferrari has shot down this rumor saying that there haven’t been
any discussions with Alonso’s camp regarding a possible transfer to the team next year. Then again, this is Ferrari – a team that isn’t afraid to shake things up in and around Formula One, so while this may all just be a rumor, we’re not entirely shooting this one down, especially given the current circumstances surrounding Massa’s injuries and Raikkonen’s growing interest in driving rally cars.

So, yeah, Martin Whitmarsh thinks that Fernando Alonso is Ferrari bound in 2010 and despite Ferrari’s claim that they haven’t talked to the Spaniard yet, we’re more inclined to give some weight on Whitmarsh’s statement, partly because in the world of F1, anything can happen. Especially since there have been talks of the Italian automaker moving some part of their 60th Anniversary celebrations to the Spanish city of Valencia later on this year.

Source: BBC Sport

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  (406) posted on 02.14.2010

Well I hope not. Specially now that Michael Schumacher is back in the game but is with Mercedes. Its going to be a great match between Massa, Michael and Alonso. I’m really excited to see Schumacher rolling again.

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