John Lennon asked the world to accept their dreams back in 1971 by imagining a better tomorrow, New York native and owner of the sole Ferrari P4/5 in existence; Jim Glicknehaus is definitely one of the people that answered the call. Not only did he commission the design house that shaped the Enzo to tear one apart only to build a modern day super car homage to the classic Ferrari 330 P3/4 racecars of the 1960s. The final product was so loved in Maranello, that the unique creation is officially documented in the Ferrari registry.

Rumor: Ferrari P4-5 Competizione
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The man who made his money on hedge funds, Mr. Glickenhaus, has hopes to go racing with a P4/5 Competizione model at the German alternative to the French race twice around the clock at Le Mans. In fact it is the only official race that takes place on the old Nordschleife circuit when the Nürburgring 24 takes place in the middle of May next year. This wouldn’t be such an impossible undertaking if he chose to beef his own 650 HP Enzo based P4/5 up to race spec, but instead he is thinking about using a different and so far unspecified Italian super car engine and chassis combination for the positive minded project. Jim admits that "there are a lot of stars that would have to align for this to happen but it’s not impossible," and that is exactly the attitude that he needs to get this done in the short 8 month time span from now until May 13th, 2010.

2010 Ferrari 458 Italia
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It is quite coincidental that Mr. Glickenhaus is looking to create a new curvaceous racecar right after the shapely 458 Italia officially debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show a few week ago. The engine is still behind the driver, and although there are a third less cylinders, the 458’s all new 570 HP V8 shouldn’t be too bad around the ‘Ring. The classic lines of the P3 would be maintained, although it would be a bit smaller than the full scale P4/5 Pininfarina puzzle, but now we are really dreaming. Mr. Glickenhaus is still undertaking the daunting task of finding sponsorship for such a bold endevour, however if there is anyone who can pull this off, Jim is the man.


Source: Ferrari Chat

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