Rumor: Future Hyundai Accessories line?

Top Speed recently had the opportunity to speak with Hyundai’s Product PR Manager, Miles Johnson, about the company’s first ever true sports car, the Genesis Coupe. When we spoke, he highlighted the Coupe’s unique position in the market as an affordable performance machine. He also talked a lot about the tuning potential of turbocharged four cylinder model, an engine he guaranteed would hold up to at least 300 HP worth of boost.

First contact: Hyundai Genesis Coupe
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Mr. Johnson talked about how the Genesis Coupe is a vehicle that will be embraced by the aftermarket; how Hennessey is already knocking down their door to build a turbo kit for the V6 powered Genesis Coupe GT. The only question is; with all the new found enthusiasm for tuned Genesis Coupes, will Hyundai embrace the aftermarket?

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Anyone who drives a modified vehicle knows the struggle of dealing with their service advisor whenever attempting to get anything fixed under warranty, and that is one of Hyundai’s strongest selling points, the 10 year 100,000 mile guarantee. How will Hyundai dealerships feel about fixing cars with swapped out suspensions or upgraded turbo kits? One of the topics of our conversation was the possibility of a factory accessory line from Hyundai in the near future, but of course, due to the current economic situation, anything of that nature is on hold until further notice.

Think about it, a Hyundai high performance accessory line could do for the Korean automaker, what Mopar has been doing for Chrysler ever since the sixties. This could spell out a bright future for factory tuned Genesis Coupes terrorizing drag strips and roasting rear tires on drift circuits, all covered under some sort of Hyundai’s warranty.

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  (421) posted on 05.29.2009

The aftermarket is something that Genesis will have to watch. Although I am curious if the RMR will be designing the accesories such as in the "Art of Speed" Genesis Coupe called for a vehicle with the visual impact to win awards at the 2008 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show

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