Justin Bieber Takes Vengeance Upon the Paparazzi with His 458 Italia... Sort of
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Since the passing of Paul Walker, the elephant in the room has been what the Fast & Furious franchise will do with the slot vacated by Walker’s untimely death moving forward. The most agreed upon route is to wrap up the O’Connor character in Fast & Furious 7, which is being rewritten now, and send him off into the sunset respectfully, then continue the series as planned. The last thing anyone wants to see is someone trying to take Walker’s slot in the franchise. Well, that may be what happens, if the rumors floating around the blogosphere are true.

According to multiple reports, Ludicrous — a co-star in the F&F series — has tossed Justin Bieber’s name into the hat as one of the potential "replacements" for Walker. Of course, they would never bring Bieber on as Brian O’Connor, but the role created for Bieber would still fill the gap that Walker’s death leaves behind. I have just a few minor issues with that...

First of all, there is no way to replace Walker in the series, but to even consider Bieber as an option baffles me, as the kid simply doesn’t fit the existing group. Sure, Walker was never touted as one of the greats, but the dude fit the role of good-boy turned kinda bad, while still being good like no one else could.

Additionally, I can’t say that Bieber has any acting chops, as his only roles of note — besides playing himself in various shows and movies — include being one of the aliens they show on the monitors in MIB 3, one voiceover credit on The Simpsons and a pretty poor showing on CSI. In addition to the lacking acting skills, the dude just reeks of douchebag. Sure, I don’t know him, but all the reports you hear about him make him seem way too full of himself. That is a stark contrast to the reports of Paul Walker’s charity work and how he seemed to always have time for his supporters.

Sure, Bieber may keep the girls rolling in to see F&F, much like Walker did, but I suspect most guys would simply turn their nose up at the possibility of seeing Bieber alongside Vin Diesel and The Rock. Then again, it would be pretty damn funny to see that twerp next to those two dudes!

We’ll keep an eye on this development and let you know if there are any updates.

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Bieber on The Simpsons

Bieber in MIB 3

You can barely see him, but he is on the screen in the background, as Will Smith walks by. Bieber is wearing a red hat.

Bieber on CSI

Painful acting there.....

Source: International Business Times

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