Rumormill: Mercedes SLC to Arrive in 2015 With V-6 and V-8 Engine Options

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We have heard all kind of rumors about the upcoming Mercedes SLC. Initially, it was rumored that the model would be offered as a baby-SLS, but rumors are now pointing toward the SLC being the successor to the larger SLS.

Rumors from Car say that The SLC will be built on an updated version of the SLS’s aluminum space-frame architecture and will be offered with a choice of a V-6 or V-8 engine. Car also claims that base versions will get a 3.0-liter V-6 engine with an output of about 333 horsepower, while top versions will get a 4.0-liter V-8 twin-turbo engine with an output of about 485 horsepower. Also claimed it that there will be an SLC S version that will target the 911 Turbo S. It will get a high-output version of the V-8 engine, which will deliver an impressive 585 horsepower.

According to the report, the new Mercedes SLS will be unveiled in 2015 and will be priced from about £70,000 (around $110,000 at the current exchange rates).

With rumors like these, we have to take them with a grain of salt, but it is nice to see some word on this much-anticipated model. We’ll see just how true these really are.


Source: CAR

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  (548) posted on 04.17.2013

It seems nice that Mercedes SLC is taking up to another level since it will have the V-6 And V-8 engine options, which will give more choices for the customers on what kind of engine they will have in 2015.

  (341) posted on 02.1.2013

Sounds like a new super duper awesome vehicle just perfect for womensmiley

  (346) posted on 02.1.2013

From another side, I hope these are rumors...cause I don’t think I’ll be able to have it...smiley

  (397) posted on 02.1.2013

Watching some photos of an SLS I must say that is one of the few cars that doesn’t look ok with a matte finish.

  (341) posted on 02.1.2013

SLS ia a awesome car from many points of view: design, performance and even price considering the first two points.

  (346) posted on 02.1.2013

I wish that all I just read will come true and are not just rumors cause I’m very enthusiastic.

  (349) posted on 02.1.2013

I am very happy that is not a "baby" car but a large one. Hope it’s true.

  (377) posted on 02.1.2013

beautiful car! the characteristic elegance of Mercedes Benz.

  (397) posted on 02.1.2013

333, 485 and 585 horsepower!! that is something. Glad to head this!

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