100.000 euro for the winner; 1400 kilometers in 72 hours through 13 different German federal states this is how we can describe in short the 2008 RUSHH Drive that will be held from 22 to 25 May 2008.

Approximately 30 nationals stars from TV, Music and Entertainment will be part of the Rushh Drive 2008.

Check the gridgirl casting gallery after the jump!

Rushh Drive 2008
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Rushh Drive 2008
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Rushh Drive 2008
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  (473) posted on 06.7.2011

Now I have a better idea why sexy ladies are always present on all sports car events. First, they’re attention grabber; Next, They’re gorgeous.

  (447) posted on 06.7.2011

I think Rushh Drive doesn’t exist anymore for I haven’t hear any news about them. However, I bet those ladies are so stunning!

  (683) posted on 06.7.2011

hmm. This contest is somewhat similar to Miss Tuning! Heck! I can see a lot of skin here and I wonder if I mistakenly browsed a porn site!

  (453) posted on 06.7.2011

The sports car are indeed rough but with those sexy and gorgeous ladies, the car looks to soft. I can’t imagine those sexy ladies driving a sports car. That sounds awesome for me!

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