Russian SUV launched.

GAZ autos have shown off their latest SUV, the Tiger 2 a huge vehicle that turns heads.

Russia’s GAZ auto’s reveal massive SUV.

Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod, (GAZ Auto). Displayed their latest offering a massive SUV named the Tiger 2, at the Moscow Motor Show the car is typically Russian, big, bold and very menacing with a front grill that looks like a gritted smile if this car was speeding up behind you, there would be no option other than to slow down and let it pass.

This is truly a heavy duty sports utility vehicle that will need to have some refinements should the company be tempted to export this vehicle to the US and Europe, however having said that I can actually see some people buying this car just to prove that the much disapproved of sports utility vehicle is not dead and buried, and if painted in yellow it would look like a road going version of those children’s trucks that used to be so popular.

GAZ is based in Gorky, and have refurnished their factories by obtaining the production equipment from such car makers as Daimler Chrysler when they retooled their plants with state of the art machinery. There is most defiantly a market for these vehicles in Russia and the surrounding former Eastern block countries, so I would expect to be seeing much more of this vehicle in the not to distant future.

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