At first glance, doesn’t this car look strikingly similar to a hippopotamus?
Jokes aside, though, this car is a design created by a Russian student from the Moscow University of Industrial and Applied Arts. As part of his conceptual design study for a school project, Fedor Stetskevich created a visual rendering of an old and legendary Italian car brand: the Iso Rivolta.

Russian student designs the Iso Rivolta Marella
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Now, we’re not trying to slam Stetskevich’s work; after all, the porporsal for the Iso Rivolta Marella – as he calls it – is still leaps and bounds better than some that we’ve seen in the past, especially considering that he used a pretty awesome car – the Chevy Corvette ZR1 – as one of his pegs.

Despite that, we still can’t take the picture of an African hippo out of our heads when looking at the car, especially at those two huge vents at the nose of the car, which, if your imaginations are working, looks a lot like the snout of the huge animal.


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  (345) posted on 03.9.2010

Full respect on the artist. Hail the newly design vehicle. May the art of designing deliver more artist like the one who create this one.

  (859) posted on 02.2.2010

is anyone thinking what im thinking? a word that starts with an U and ends with Y?" The South American nation of Uruguay? anyway, I’m not too fond of that Zagato thing going with the rear window.

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