• S. Lexus Execs Aim to Bring Lexus UX Concept to Market

If it goes according to plan, the UX would be Lexus’ entry-level model in the US

Like most automakers, Lexus is making money hand-over-fist in the U.S. with its crossover and SUV offerings. Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken even admitted that the crossovers and SUVs account for 60 percent of the company’s sales volume in the US. It’s no surprise then that when the discussion turned to a possible replacement for the departing CT200h, the Japanese automaker already has one model in mind: a production version of the UX subcompact crossover concept.

S. Lexus Execs Aim to Bring Lexus UX Concept to Market High Resolution Exterior
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We first caught a glimpse of the UX back at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Like the NX before it, the UX caught plenty of attention because of its aggressive concept styling. Apparently, the concept proved popular enough that, according to Bracken, dealerships from all over the U.S. started badgering Lexus to produce the vehicle because consumers were looking for it. Turning the UX into a production model isn’t a foregone conclusion yet, but a series of events in the past year, namely the decision to end the CT200h’s tenure in the U.S., could spur Lexus to green light the subcompact crossover in the specific market. The CT200h’s departure leaves a void in Lexus’ US lineup, and with that spot vacant, Lexus could fill it with the production version of the UX.

It’s still anyone’s guess how Lexus plans to address the vacant slot left by the CT200h, but it’s worth pointing out that the Japanese automaker already has trademarks on a number of names tied to the UX. In the U.S. alone, Lexus holds trademarks on the UX 200, UX 250, and UX 250h. That’s already a three-version lineup of crossovers with the UX name, including one potential hybrid variant.

S. Lexus Execs Aim to Bring Lexus UX Concept to Market High Resolution Exterior
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There’s no reason for Lexus to keep the UX away from a market that has gravitated more towards crossovers and SUVs. Even the automaker is ramping up its offerings here in those two segments with the debuts of the three-row variant of the RX and a two-row version of the LX. Adding another crossover into the mix to serve as the entry-level model is a good idea because it’s what the customers want.

It just so happens too that Lexus already has a model that can fill that spot, should the automaker go that route.


S. Lexus Execs Aim to Bring Lexus UX Concept to Market High Resolution Exterior
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