The Saab 9-4X is coming at us in November during the Los Angeles Auto Show, but since no one in the auto industry can keep a secret for long, the first undisguised image of the future crossover has already surfaced on the internet. Good for us, probably even better for Saab since the buzz will only pick up with each leaked photo or spy shot.

The 9-4X will be built on an all new platform called the Theta Premium that mixes components from GM’s Theta and Epsilon 2 platforms. It will find itself with its own exterior and interior styling, but will have a dashboard design that will be similar to the new 9-5. The 9-4X will be offered with a 2.8-liter turbocharged V6 petrol engine as the sole engine, but Saab is working on a diesel option for the future.

The 9-4X BioPower concept was powered by a four-cylinder, 2.0-liter BioPower turbo engine that delivered 300 HP and strong torque of 295 lb.-ft. With this engine, Saab wanted to demonstrate its commitment to “rightsizing” – achieving sufficient levels of performance with a smaller, more efficient engine.


Source: Saabs United

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  (517) posted on 08.22.2012

Actually, it’s a good thing for Saab. People would surely become anxious of seeing this SUV when they see it in the internet.

  (808) posted on 11.25.2010

This is easily better looking than any of its competition, Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes GLK/ML, and especially Lexus RX included. Most crossover buyers
are choosing their cars as fashion statements more than for actual practicality, and the Saab is the most unique and well rounded of its peers.

  (544) posted on 11.15.2010

Like the design all round, but I don’t think it stands out from from the segment design wise.

  (798) posted on 11.4.2010

Not bad at all, if they would make it like this. A V6 euro version included.

  (387) posted on 10.28.2010

Like the design all round, but I don’t think it stands out from from the segment design wise. It a good direction for Saab though, ties in well with the 9-5.

  (518) posted on 10.15.2010

I’ve been looking this over, and think it is not a bad design. It’s new and it’s Saab, and it’s not a re-badged Subie or GMC, so that’s all good news.

  (858) posted on 10.15.2010

It’s got a wraparound windshield and a Saab grille - it’s a Saab!

  (347) posted on 10.12.2010

You can see this SUV was design by the old GM by how generic the design is.

  (461) posted on 10.3.2010

I’m pretty sure Saab needs something aside from another CUV to crowd the market.

  (1211) posted on 10.1.2010

Looks decent enough, but there are already some pretty good looking crossovers on the market already. And this being a SAAB, I fully expect for it to be on the expensive end.

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