The Swedish automaker Saab unveiled the new 9-5 sedan earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with sales set to begin early in 2010. The all new curvaceous four door will be followed by a more utilitarian station wagon and the first images have just surfaced on the information superhighway. The only thing is that being born from jets, Saab can’t just sit by and let their latest sport wagon be considered a boring old ordinary station wagon. Behold the almighty SportCombi.

Just like the sedan, the 9-5 SportCombi will be offered with a variety of power train options with the base model featuring a 1.6 Liter engine turbocharged four cylinder engine that can produce up to 180 HP. While at the other end of the spectrum, is a 2.8 Liter turbocharged V6 SportCombi that puts down a more masculine 300 HP. No matter which power plant you choose, Saab is offering a six speed manual or semi automatic transmission to mate it to. The new 9-5 SportCombi combines Saab’s latest swept back design theme that evokes speed and power even when sitting still, we just hope that they don’t disappoint.



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  (859) posted on 03.15.2010

One of the most elegant looking vehicle I’ve seen, the body kit are in classy level, top up with a fines engine.

  (344) posted on 02.2.2010

Looks like an updated soccer mom cruise wagon or something. But it looks better than the old school wagons. Looks a whole lot safer as well for the kids.

  (515) posted on 01.7.2010

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  (571) posted on 12.27.2009

It’s somewhat like a mini limousine on this picture but seems to be nice on a sports car. Although the power seems to be aloofing than the usual Saab, I’m expecting higher power stats to have a good sprint time than the cars in the same level of this Sportcombi.

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