• Saab 900, One owner, 1,001,385 miles on the clock!

    zz Million mile Saab
  • yy Saab 900, One owner, 1,001,385 miles on the clock!

Man donates million mile car to museum.

A wisconsin man has donated his special one million mile Saab to Auto Museum.

Saab 900, One owner, 1,001,385 miles on the clock!

We all know that Saab’s are fantastically reliable, but a car with over one million miles on the clock seems to be just taking that statement to far. Yet this is true, a travelling financial salesman has such a car, but this one is not for sale, for the owner has donated the car to a Automotive Museum in Wisconsin, USA.

He bought the car back in 1989 following a divorce, there is nothing like treating yourself after going through something has traumatic as a divorce, the price he was $29,000 and he has been the proud owner ever since. The car has been meticulously maintained by the owner despite having several collisions with the deer population and a gear box rebuild at 200,000 miles. This just go to show that the theory of maintaining your vehicle from new will prolong its life and reliability is totally true and maybe we should all take a leaf out his book and look after our cars more carefully, especially when using a car for business miles as this car had been doing, it is a testament to both the owner and the Saab Motor Company that a production car can give such service.

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