We all remember the first reaction when first seeing the amazing Aero-X debuting at Geneva Motor Show. And we all hopped that the concept presented then to go into production, it is an amazing car so it had to. But the bad news is it only be an amazing design car and nothing more. General Motors said that the car provide some inspiration for restyling of existing Saab models in the future. According to Auto Motor and Sport, it may even provide the direct basis for roadster or coupe in the near future. But no Aero-X it-self into production. Too bad!

The work on the Saab Aero-X began in Jannuary 2005. The car was supposed to be a dream: something desireable, sporting, sleek, but yet functional. And why not a little more: sporting character, advanced technology and stunning looks.

The interior lighting and cockpit instrumentation were based on a design by David Leary. It was appropriate that he used Hasselblad cameras as an inspiration. The one who designed the saab Aero-X was who also worked on Hasselblad camera design. The instrumentation relies on glass layers that are finely etched, with light applied from the rear and the top to illuminate them as required. There is also a high reliance on new LED technology.

The full exterior design was finally approved in May 2005. This included the turbine wheels, the mirrors and the symmetrical exhaust designed by Alex Daniel, who would eventually take over full responsibility for exterior design.

An inspired body needs an inspiring powerplant to propel it. The concept engine, a 2.8 liter V6 engine twin-turbo produce 400 hp. Power is applied through a seven speed manual gearbox via an AWD system that applies the 368 lbs-ft of torque.

The entire work was a real succes. The reaction at the geneca Motor Show was more than any other payment for the entire work made on the car. To bad this extraordinary story, will only be a story!

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