Things sure have a way of coming full circle, don’t they?

It wasn’t that long ago when Saab was teetering perilously close to getting sent to the chopping block until a last minute intervention by Spyker not only gave Saab a new lease on life, but an opportunity to make things right again.

Now that Saab is finally on the right track, it doesn’t surprise us that design proposals bearing the Saab badge have been coming out left and right, with the latest one done by Spanish designer, Jorge Martí Vidal.

Vidal’s work is all kinds of sexy, if we do say so ourselves. Calling it ‘Boreas’ as a reference to the Greek God of the North Wind – yeah, we’re nerds too – the design features some pretty awesome curves coupled with a shiny pearl exterior paint that ironically accentuates the overall simplistic look of the concept.

Truth be told, Vidal’s work merits a pair of thumbs up and, if Saab does want to get back in the good graces of their customers, then they can’t do any better than having this car see the production line. Sure, that’s still unlikely to happen, but we’re just saying Vidal’s design is a sure winner.


Source: Jlsdiseny

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  (417) posted on 09.2.2010

Haha, would Saab include this on their production line? Or not, because they might try what happened to Maybach.

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