Like a shot to the gut from a drunken bud, Koenigsegg’s decision to back out of the Saab sale all caught us off-guard, especially after it looked like the sale was all but a formality.

Then, just like that, the whole deal collapsed.

Now that Saab is back on the market, a lot of folks thought that with no apparent buyer in mind, the future of Saab looked bleaker than most people initially thought.

As it turns out, the Swedish brand may have a few more lifelines up its sleeve. According to Autocar, two investors have come out of the woodwork to express their interest in buying the beleaguered Swedish car brand.

One of these is China’s Beijing Automotive, which, incidentally, is a minority shareholder of Koenigsegg. The other interested buyer is a Wyoming-based merchant bank called Merbanco. If you’ve been following this soap opera for months, you’d know that these two companies were originally part of the bidding wars for Saab, which Koenigsegg won.

Now that it’s dropped out of the picture, Merbanco and the BAIC have stepped up efforts in purchasing Saab, potentially saving it from the chopping block.

Hold on to your nooses, gentlemen. Saab may not be dead after all.


Source: Autocar UK

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