Apparently, Honda isn’t the only one with a countdown these days.

Saab, which has made the headlines over the past few months because of its impending sale to Koenigsegg, is taking a step back from the business side of the industry to release a countdown towards the unveiling of its new flagship car, the 9-5.

Unlike Honda, which has their own countdown in anticipation of the sneak preview of the still mysterious Accord Crosstour, a lot of us already have a good idea of what the new Saab 9-5 looks like.

As you may recall, a number of photos of the 9-5 sedan have already made its way to the Internet and whether it was an intentional marketing ploy by Saab or a case of pre-emptive photo-leaking, the Swedish-based company is nevertheless pushing through with the car’s official unveiling on – judging by how many days the countdown has left - August 27.

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While the car is expected to be rolled out sometime in 2010, the unveiling on the 27th, coupled with its highly-anticipated attendance at the
Frankfurt Motor Show, will give us a pretty good idea as to what the new 9-5 sedan looks like – and whether it can live up to the high expectations it has accrued over the past few months.

In the meantime, we can all circle our calendars for next Thursday and hope that the day comes sooner than later. Check out the Saab website every so often so you’ll know exactly how much time there’s left before the clock hits 0:00:00.

Source: Saab

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