Saleen "Tribute" to Ford GT40

In the colors of Gulf Wyer, the Ford GT40 conquered Le Mans. It became such an icon that Ford came out with an updated version a few years ago, simply called the Ford GT (a name chosen by necessity, as Ford had unaccountably let the GT40 name slip away and someone else now owns it).
Now Saleen is trying to get in on the act with the Saleen 550.
Basically, it’s a paint job.
They’ve painted a Mustang in the old Gulf colors. Otherwise, it’s hopped up Mustang GT 500, with output increased to 550 hp.
But if you should happen to want one, Saleen may save you from your foolish thoughts.
They only want to sell the car to those who already own a GT 40.
Which seems odd. People who have both the taste and money to own a real GT 40 are probably beyond buying a Mustang with a gaudy paint job and big wheels.

What do you think?
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