Back on January 2nd, 1974, Richard Nixon signed the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act – a law that set the national speed limit to 55 mph. In response to that act, Sammy Hagar released a song called “I Can’t Drive 55” that stuck with him even with his tours as a member of Van Halen. In the video, Hagar is driving a black Ferrari BB512i around a track and decides to take it on the road. He drives recklessly, attempting to pass other vehicles, eventually running a police officer off the road and later being arrested.

As the video continues, Hagar and his crew eventually get dragged away to jail. It only last for a short time, as he quickly breaks down the door, and we see him driving that 512 off into the sunset – only after speeding away from two cops who were chasing him down a long desert road.

It is nice to look back into the past. It reminds me of a time when cars in music videos were more than just Bentleys with big wheels, and more interior-mounted screens than you can count on one hand. Plus you’ve got hand it to him for choosing such a prime example of a vehicle. According to Hagar, he burned out the clutch of that 512 when the video was being shot – a repair that cost him $5,800. Take a look into the past and enjoy the video!

Ferrari 512 BBi

1981 - 1984 Ferrari 512 BBi
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