Seven-point Battery check.....

Last year was a rough one for Samsung. That glorious and amazing Note 7 Phablet hit the market and everyone into carrying phones the size of cinder blocks that don’t have an apple on the back was super stoked. Well, until those phones went rogue and started self-destructing in people’s pockets, homes, and even cars. Truth be told, who knows if Samsung really told the truth, but the problem was supposedly related to the batteries used in the would-be halo phone.

There were some crazy videos out there that included a lithium-charged explosion in someone’s pocket, but one of the more recent stories before the phones were disabled was the story behind a family that nearly avoided tragedy thanks to their need to stop at home and offload something before continuing about their day of yard-sell hunting.

Long story short, a Note 7 was left charging in the center console, and next thing you know the family jeep found its Jeep heaven. Fast forward a few months to today, and Samsung is set to make its next big release, this time in the form of the next-gen Galaxy S8 lineup. As such, the brand is doing everything it can to prove that these new phones won’t explode and take out your home, Jeep, or girlfriend checking out your phone in the middle of the night.

So far, the brand has released three different ads, two of which include quick peeks into the testing each phone goes through before being shipped out and put on the shelf. In the video above, you even get to watch the battery get punctured by what one could only describe as a freaky mind probe from a science fiction movie, but it doesn’t blow up. The phone is even shown operating in excessively cold temperatures and being bent under pressure without any big boom taking place.

Apparently, the brand now has what it calls a seven-point battery test that ensures each battery is free of defect. But, let’s be honest; won’t a part of you wonder if the S8 will try to kill you too? Check out the video above to see Samsung’s “toughest safety testing ever.”


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