Write to Santa for car.

Terry Franz is the Car Santa, his organisation Cars 4 Christmas gives cars to needy people.

Santa gives away cars across the USA.

Believe it or not there people across the states that cannot afford a car and live in places where access to the public transport system, in effect these people are stranded from the schools, shops, even jobs and other services, so having a car would make their lives entirely different and in cases can be a life changing event, but how do people like this get hold of a car? Easy! They write a letter to Santa and ask for one for Christmas, what else!

The Car Santa is a man named Terry Franz, and every year he puts together the cars that have been donated to his organisation Cars for Christmas. The cars come from all sorts of places, dealers, business and individuals, of course most of the cars are going to be old, but they are all inspected and made sure that they are road worthy.

In order to get a car from the Car Santa, you would need to write or contact him via his website, but not everyone gets a car, you will have to demonstrate that you cannot obtain a car by any other means.

The Car Santa has given all sorts of cars to all sorts of worthy causes, not all of the cars go to needy people, some go to needy organisations, those that provide a service to the community and by having a car or vehicle they would be able to carry out there work more efficiently or do more good work.

Source: Cars 4 Christmas.

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