The Audi RS5 pushes Santa to realize he’s let himself go

This year, we’re getting a new, fancier and slimmer Father Christmas and it’s all thanks to Audi and their luscious RS5 4-door coupe. The German manufacturer proudly presents us ’New Santa’ in the Christmasy ad they’ve released ahead of the holiday season

If you want to lose weight, look at an Audi RS5

For this year’s Christmas-themed video, Audi’s depicting the Santa Claus we’ve all known and loved for generations: chubby, bearded, and always to bag a few snacks while delivering the presents. However, this time around, the sight of a bright red Audi RS5 - and his reflection - makes him reconsider his physique.

Santa goes through a makeover this Christmas thanks to Audi: Video
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The ad goes on to show us how Santa, once back home, pushes for an amazing transformation that’s finally revealed at the end of the nearly 4-minute video. His reward for his hard work? A bright red RS5 of his own which he promptly storms out with to deliver, yet again, the presents. Now, this doesn’t mean an Audi RS5 will be waiting for all of you folks out there pushing for a body makeover, but doing it and reaping the rewards as time goes by is enough!

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