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Two years after Lego recreated the Porsche 911 GT3 RS in stunning fashion as part of thelarge-scale Technic collection, its race-going brother joins the fleet. Welcome to the 911 GT3 RSR by Lego Technic, with most of the aero insanity seen on the real thing recreated in model form.

Porsche’s 911 RSR is a menacing machine, one capable of taking on the world’s best in GT racing and beating them all with ease, as it did at last year’s edition of the Le Mans 24 Hours. Now, you can purchase a downsized version with a similar level of complexity, in keeping with the proportions, at a much-reduced premium and without having to contact a professional team of engineers to put it together.

A Watered-down Le Mans Winner You Can Assemble with your Bare Hands

The Technic series comprises Lego’s more complex models and dates back to the late ’70s. These models always feature special parts like moving gears or rotating axles while some come with pneumatic pieces or electric motors. The Porsche 911 991 GT3 RS was a hit when launched two years ago, so much so that they’ve actually built a life-sized version as well as crash testing the model.

The racing version of the GT3 RS, namely the mid-engined RSR, is now available too. It comes appropriately dressed in the presentation livery that you can find on other Porsche Motorsport products such as the 911 GT3 Cup and even the 919 Hybrid.

When you're done putting this 19-inch-long model together, you'll have assembled 1,580 individual parts!
Save Your Marriage and Get Your Husband This Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR as a Late Christmas Present
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That sounds like a lot, but the 911 RS, which is bigger, is made up of some 2,680 parts. Still, this model is very detailed inside and out. You get the body parts, as rounded as possible and with the Porsche livery on it, you get the sizeable black wheels and the generous rear wing with swang neck mounts.

Under the skin, the RSR features the flat-six engine nestled in front of the rear axle whose pistons actually work. Other things that move on this model are the differential and the four-wheel independent suspension. It costs $180 and, while not as richly detailed as the premium 911 RS launched in 2016 or the 2018 Chiron, it’s also $170 cheaper. It’s half the price, but not half the experience or half the model.

Inside, the RSR lacks any representation of creature comforts, as you may expect, but you do get a racing seat, a moveable steering wheel in front of it, a fire extinguisher, and a track map of the Weathertech Speedway Laguna Seca circuit printed onto the driver’s door. Porsche’s North-American works team finished second there last year in the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar race.

Save Your Marriage and Get Your Husband This Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR as a Late Christmas Present
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Talking about the real car, it is Porsche’s current contender in the GTE/GTLM class in the FIA World Endurance Championship, the European Le Mans Series and the IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Championship. Porsche engineers cleverly moved the engine in front of the rear axle by using a loophole in the rulebook that allows automakers to move the engine anywhere within the designated engine bay area. In the case of the 911 GT3 RS, the car used to homologate the RSR, the engine bay area extends all the way towards the seats because the road car doesn’t have rear seats so the engine was moved as far back as possible, thus creating a mid-engined race car that won’t have, Porsche says, a road-going equivalent anytime soon.

The performance gains of this setup are obvious with better weight distribution, a lower center of gravity and overall a better aerodynamic package since the rear-mounted engine limits the extent of the underbody aero tunnels and the size of the diffuser.

The engine itself is a 4.0-liter 6-cylinder boxer unit that puts out about 510 horsepower depending on the size of the restrictor. It has dry sump lubrication, electronic fuel injection.
Save Your Marriage and Get Your Husband This Lego Technic Porsche 911 RSR as a Late Christmas Present
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Suspension is double wishbone in the front and rear, although in the back the suspension is integrated into the rear subframe. The setup is completed by four-way vibration dampers and twin coil springs. A six-speed constant-mesh sequential claw-shifted gearbox sends the power to the back wheels with help from a three-disc carbon fiber clutch. The car itself with its full carbon fiber bodywork weighs just 2,740 as per the regulations. It debuted back in 2016 and has since won multiple races in all three series it competes.

The price? Over $550,000... yes, that's a lot of Lego Technic kits, over 3,000!

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