• Say hello to the future- Japan’s pod-car is safe and eco-friendly

Say hello to the future- Japan's pod-car is safe and eco-friendly
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Cartoons like the Jetsons portrayed to little children way back then how the future would look and work. The cartoon was a big hit and was accepted by children all over the world as they switched on the TV everyday to see the characters and pods buzzing around making them laugh and it kept them entertained.

I guess the Jetsons would have been the prime inspiration behind this creation. A single-seater electric vehicle that would bid farewell to gas prices and congestion. Displayed at Tokyo’s Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo held last month, Topia’s HUVO, received a lot of attention as curious onlookers wanted to know how the locomotive functioned.

A head-on collision at city speeds in this car would be scary but not fatal as the vehicle is built using aluminium and carbon fiber which are strong and versatile materials. At the rate at which car sales are going, rising congestion is not avoidable. The world is turning towards small cars but even then, there would be a point down the line, where cars would need be smaller and more efficient. Whenever that happens, people dealing with the HUVO will be the happiest bunch.


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  (714) posted on 01.27.2012

It’s a cute car. It also looked like the cars use in Dragon Ball made by capsule corp. It’s a nice thing that it’s safe and eco-friendly.

  (554) posted on 02.21.2010

You know they should be mass producing this car and they should be replacing public transportation like “tok-tok” in Thailand, tri-cycles in other. Those motors emits a lot of pollution and if they were changed with this eco friendly rides, the air would be a whole lot more fresher.

  (520) posted on 07.11.2008

nice looking toy smiley

  (47) posted on 07.10.2008

Just a heads up...the term ’jap’ is generally regarded as a racial slur. Not to be all ACLU, or anything...but it’s kind of inappropriate.

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