• Say Hello To The Most Hideous Mercedes S-Class Ever Conceived

Indian "coachbuilding" has turned this Mercedes S-Class into a nightmare on wheels, and apparently, someone let it rot

Indian tuners have given us some very interesting and ambitious projects. Remember, the Hyundai Accent-based 1969 Ford Mustang or the Honda Civic Si-based Lamborghini Aventador, made by Dream Customs India? While those are some of the better projects we have seen from India, the one we are showing you now is a bit disturbing. The imagery comes from an Indian blogger that goes by Shiva and shows what was once a W126 Mercedes S-Class, in a very neglected state.

Say Hello To The Most Hideous Mercedes S-Class Ever Conceived
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While there’s no excuse for butchering a perfectly good Mercedes W126 S-Class, the ambitious project, dubbed SF1, is believed to have been executed by DC Design, and looks nothing like the original car. Sources claim that the car started life as the four-door, W126 version, and not the two-door C126 version of the S-Class, which means even more work as put into turning it into a futuristic-looking coupe.

The roof of the car has also been chopped and has been transformed into a fastback body style. The front grille sort of resembles that of the SLS AMG, but everything else is completely unique to the car. The rear end of the car is particularly weird as it makes it seems like the “Merc” has two front ends, with the rear one being taken from a truck. For what it’s worth, there are side-gills on the front fenders, similar to the ones on an SLR McLaren.

Say Hello To The Most Hideous Mercedes S-Class Ever Conceived
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The DC Design SF1 project aimed to showcase how much the appearance of the Mercedes W126 can be changed. While, apparently, the answer is quite a bit, we still prefer the original body, instead of a weird mish-mash of weirdly-shaped sheet metal. Apparently, whoever last owned the car, eventually, came to the same conclusion as, by all accounts, the car has been sitting outdoors for a while.

Found the streets of Delhi, the DC Design SF1 is plagued by rust with some of the body panels having gaping holes in them. Other than the rust and dust, there seem to be a variety of parts scattered in the interior, and what was, once, a gloss, bright red paint, has lost much of its glamour. Needless to say, the car begs to be crushed and put out of its misery, once and for all.

Source: Auto Blitz

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