Say it ain’t so: Bugatti Veyron ends up in the middle of a lagoon

If you suddenly faint, vomit, or have heart palpitations after seeing this video, then we won’t blame you.

That’s a lake right there in the photo and a car that happens to be submerged right smack in the middle. Care to venture a guess as to what car that is?

If you don’t know, then allow us to be the bearer of bad news. That’s a Bugatti Veyron - all $1.6 million dollars of it.

You’re probably wondering how the hell it ended up in the middle of the lake so lt us recount the story for you. The driver of the Veyron was cruising along Galveston, Texas and was talking on his phone when a pelican – of all things! – flew low enough to distract the driver, sending him swerving into the side of the road before his tire hit a mud patch and all the way into the middle of the lagoon.

From what we’ve gathered, the said Veyron is one of only 15 in the entire United States so you can imagine the dismay all of us are feeling right now. If it wasn’t enough that a 1000 horsepower supercar takes a dive into a lagoon, it just had to be a pelican that caused the whole thing.
The driver, of course, doesn’t escape blame too. How in God’s green earth can you be so reckless with a car that’s worth more than our entire bank accounts!


Source: Khou

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