The subcompact brand is climbing the financial ladder

In a surprising twist of fates, Mini now outranks Ferrari in terms of corporate value. The rankings come by way of Interbrand, a global brand consulting firm, which says Mini is worth $5.11 billion and Ferrari only $4.87 billion. While a half-billion might be a small margin, Mini’s lead over the Italian supercar automaker comes as a big surprise. Of course, it’s worth noting Ferrari is new to Interbrand’s list of Best Global Brands.

CarScoops reports Mini’s success can be attributed to its 3.1-percent year-over-year sales increase for a total of 230,925 vehicles sold globally. Mini’s completely revised 2017 Countryman has seen a 12.9-percent jump in sales over this time last year and the Mini Convertible boasts a whopping 20.3-percent sales increase over 2016. Of course, Mini’s focus is on sales volume whereas Ferrari is concerned with exclusivity and brand image.

In the grand scheme of things, both Mini and Ferrari are small fish compared to larger automakers. Mini’s parent company, BMW, is valued at $41.5 billion and ranks third in the automotive sector behind Mercedes at $47.8 billion and Toyota at $50,2 billion. Outside the automotive sector, Apple takes the top honors with a value of $184.1 billion followed by Google at $141,7 billion. A huge gap exists between the second-place Google and third-place Microsoft, with Bill Gates’ former company only valued at $79.9 billion. Still, the software giant outranks all other companies on Interbrand’s list.


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Source: CarScoops

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