Prior to his death, ex-TVR owner, Peter Wheeler, decided that despite the fact that he no longer owned TVR, he still had the fire to build wild and crazy cars. From that fire began the project that he dubbed the Scamander, which is named after the Greek river god. This amphibious machine came to life just before Wheeler’s death, but it was a very rough machine that still needed a lot of work to be perfect.

After his death, Wheeler’s wife and a group of engineers completed Wheeler’s project and made it into something that Wheeler would have been proud of. This RRV, as Wheeler called it, has a V-6 turbocharged engine that cranks out about 300 horsepower and is said to hit 60 mph in eight seconds. To boot, it has an impeller on its rear end for propulsion in the wet stuff. This impeller certainly beats the rear wheel-mounts paddles that were on the original prototype Scamander.

Image note: The images provided are of the concept version of the Scamander.

What good is talking about this bad piece of machinery if we can’t see it in action? Well, Harry Metcalfe of EVO took it upon himself to put the Scamander to the test by driving it off-road, on-road and finally ending up in the water.

The RRV performed admirably off- and on-road, with exception to the extremely obnoxious cooling fans humming in the background. It the water it is just about as good as most other amphibious vehicles we have seen, and that’s not a compliment. It just looks extremely lethargic and pretty hard to control when it hits the water. Then again, if you want a speed boat, buy a speed boat. The Scamander may not be an ideal watercraft, but it is certainly serviceable in the drink.

Check out the above video of this sweet machine and admire the sheer genius that was Peter Wheeler.

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