The top speed record for a road-legal production car is 253 mph and the winner is as you know Bugatti Veyron. But SSC’s Ultimate Aero claimed that it will beat the record, and will become the world’s fastest production legal car.

SCC Aero failed to brake the speed record
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So they begin testing on March 21 in an attempt to top the record. They have the right car, with the right engine, a 6.3 liter engine that produces 1,183 horsepower.
For this attempt they closed a 12 mile stretch on Nevada’s Highway 93 was closed. You need space to play with such a power, no? But the Mother Nature fights against the success of the SSC team. So they hade only two attempts made due to weather conditions. And they failed!
The Ultimate Aero was only able to reach a top speed of 230 mph, but Jerod Shelby, the team leader, and Rick Doria, the driver were confident. They said that the car can top Bugatti EB Veyron 16.4 of 253 mph. We hope they will succed next month at another attempt, this competition is realy fun for us.

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